Health Checker

Fire Safety Health Check

Below are a series of questions which will help you determine how your company or organisation’s performance is in relation to its fire safety responsibilities.

    Fire Safety Management

    1. Is your fire risk assessment and action plan up to date?
    2. Are there any arrangements for audit, testing and recording and are they up to date?

    Means of Escape

    3. Securing means of escape – are all fire doors, clear routes, final exits, emergency lighting, signs, notices as per Fire Assessment?

    Means of Raising the Alarm

    4. Have you an alarm installed and are they tested and maintained and are drills conducted and records kept?
    5. Have you evacuation arrangements and systems in place in the event of an emergency?

    Firefighting Equipment

    6. Do you have suitable and sufficient means to fight fires and are they tested and are staff competent to use equipment?


    7. Do you offer new staff induction training which covers fire safety arrangements, and refresher training on a regular basis?

    Submit Your Results

    In order for us to better understand your company or organisation's current situation with regards to fire safety responsibilities, please submit your results along with your email address. We will then be in touch to discuss your health check and how Fire Link can help you improve your compliance.

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